How To Measure Sports Bra Size?

“What is my correct bra size?” This may be the question bothers you the most when purchasing a sports bra. You are not the only one looking for the answer! Actually, your bra size has likely changed due to several reasons like pregnancy, weight changes, and dietary changes. So, it’s better to remeasure your bra size every year or whenever your body is experiencing distinct changes. Hence it is crucial to know How to Measure Sports Bra Size.

Step 1: Measure your band size:

Be braless or wearing a non-padded bra, wrap a measuring tape snugly around your body directly under your bust. Round to the nearest whole inch and note your band size. Find your corresponding band size in the chart below. (You may have noticed that the band size is a range and it is not equal to the inches you measured)

Step 2: Measure your bust size:

Wrap the measuring tape loosely around the fullest part of your bustline (round at nipple level, and do not forget to keep the tape stayed straight across your back). Round to the nearest whole inch and note your bust size.

Step 3: Calculate your cup size:

Bust size (step 2) - Band size (step 1) = Cup size
Find your corresponding cup size in the chart below.

Step 4: Determine your bra size:

Let’s say your under bust is 32” and bust is 37”, 37”-”32” =5”. Then your band size should be 36(30.5”- 32.5”) according to the band size chart. And cup size should be C (4.93”-5.91”) according to the cup size chart. So, your bra size should be 36C or M(A-C). See, it is easy to get your real sports bra size!

More attentions:

1.Sports bra size is notoriously fickle between different sportswear brands. Be sure to check their size chart carefully and find the right size based on your body measurements. Contact the customer service if you are still in doubt.

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